Wellcome at Biorestech, here is what we offer:

  • freelance data science collaboration with a focus on industrial data science
  • joint expertise in the areas of measurement, data science, and advanced data analytics
  • optimization solutions for complex models and procedures
  • consultancy, audit, and technological evaluations for startups, writers, or enthusiasts
  • cooperation with the academic sector

Our experience:

  • 20 years in measurement and data science areas
  • multidisciplinary scope: delivered projects related to measurement and data science in medicine, biology, physics, and electrical engineering
  • methods and approaches: theory of measurement, experimental design, hypothesis testing, numerical analysis and scientific computing, artificial intelligence, neural networks, genetic algorithms, machine learning, advanced statistics, nonlinear systems, chaos and fractal dynamics, predictive analytics, multidimensional space, feature extraction, classification, cluster analysis, wavelets, image processing
  • cognitive psychology, neuroscience, complex and dynamical systems (EEG)
  • identification of disinformation in science, technology, and medicine 


  • performance of measurement covering the whole measurement process in general: from the planning, through experimental design, handling of hardware measurement devices, software measurement tools, data processing and analysis, to the interpretation of the results.
  • creative data science with a scientific and interdisciplinary background
  • deep mathematical background enabling analytical insights
  • approaches based on scientific methodology
  • data-native mindset for finding the value in data
  • insights into real-world problems: problem identification together with the proposed solution
  • data visualization, advanced data processing, and analysis, data mining, development of measurement strategies, formulation of meaningful hypothesis, statistical testing, modeling, sensitivity analysis, optimization, interpretation of results
  • soft skills: communication, presentation, reasoning, project management, the practice of mindfulness
  • passion for digging for new information and understanding
  • severe critical thinking


  • academic community


  • projects with a deeper sense for society
  • companies with open work culture